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A Craft Union for the Mechanics Class and Craft representing the skilled professionals at United Airlines.

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ALTA Committees latest fliers and videos

2020 American Techs $7.43 more than United IBT-Techs.pdf

RIF LOA Emergency Clause and Force Majeure

The Recall LOA and How the CBA Works

Why are the Teamsters pushing this LOA?

Teamsters Recall LOA - Reducing Your Recall Rights

Teamsters Bid Area Recall LOA

Challenge the 2020 Reset

United Technician challenges IBT 2018 Industry Reset in Federal Court

2018 Industry Reset Court Case Initial Disclosures request

United Technicians Federal Lawsuit Update

Teamsters Grievance and LOA send 246 More United Techs to the Street

American Technicians File for AMFA!

November 11, 2020 ALTA UAL Campaign Update

Teamsters Grievance on Vacancies in RIF Process

Teamsters LOA Agreeing to Deny Grievances on RIF

Teamsters @ United Airlines have Lowered the Starting Pay for Technicians to the bottom of the Industry and Nearly Doubled the Pay Progression to 9 Years for New Technicians

United Technicians File 2nd Amended Complaint

UAL Seniority Rights Given Away by Teamsters

Teamsters ask for old sub UAL Seniority Rights back

ALTA ORD Sign a Card to Vote

SFO Technicians, Leads and Inspectors Time to Sign

Furlough Protections surrendered by the Teamsters

IBT Transfer and Withdrawal Card .50 cents

Union Representation in a Crisis

Higher Starting Pay and a 5 Year Progression In 2008 United Airlines Technicians Were the highest paid in the Industry Prior to Teamsters Representation above AMR and IBT CAL Wages

Best of both Contracts or Worst?

Teamsters Lower United Base Rate to the bottom of Industry

United Union Raises - A Comparison

Professional Representation When it Matters - Furloughs

Teamsters Caught Rigging Union Healthcare Bids

Southwest Techs Average $8 an hour over United

Alaska Jr Technicians $5 over United Jr Techs

Delta Junior Technicians earn $60,000 more than UAL IBT Jr Techs

American Base Hourly Rate Higher than IBT United Techs

United Technicians Challenge the Industry Reset

2018 AA/DL Pay and Profit Sharing Why No Reset?

360% Increase in 2018 UA Non-Pay Elements?

2018 Delta Pay and Profit Sharing Compared to United

2018 No Reset? Why did CARP costs Increase?

Teamsters "industry reset" fails to deliver...only .41 cent raise

Teamsters 'economist" bet against United Airlines and Lose

IBT United Technician Wage Increases fall behind

Teamsters deny subUAL Mechanics CARP Benefits for 6 years

Grievance Case and Facts

Federal Lawsuit Update February 9, 2021

2021-1-19 IBT Declaration-of-Miranda-Against-Discovery

2021-1-19 IBT-Declaration-of-Nick-Manicone-against-Discovery

2021-1-19 IBT Declaration-of-Paul-Stripling-Against-Discovery

2021-1-19 IBT Opposition-to-Expedited-Discovery

2021-1-4 Plaintiffs option for Expedited Jurisdictional Discovery

2021-1-4 Declaration of Jane C Mariani Expedited Discovery

2021-1-4 Declaration of John Scholz to United Motion to Dismiss John Scholz Declaration

2021-1-4 Declaration of Kevin Bybee to United Motion to Dismiss

2021-1-4 Declaration Vic Drumheller against Miranda and Stripling.


2-8-19 First Amended Complaint UAL Technicians vs Teamsters

6-21-19 United Techncians Opposition to Teamsters Motion to Dismiss

United Technicians file Opposition to Teamsters and UAL Motions to Dismiss

United Technicians'

Grievance Case and Facts

UAL Technicians vs Teamsters

United Technicians file Complaint vs the Teamsters 9th District Court

UAL Technicians Rebuttal of IBT Grievance Denial

IBT/Gleason 20 page Denial of UAL Techs CARP Grievance


UAL Technicians CARP Grievance Facts

Four Teamsters Lies to kill CARP Grievance


How Much did You lose in CARP Benefits

#1 The IBT Theft of UAL Tech CARP Benefits

#2 The Teamsters theft of UAL CARP Benefits

#3 The Company shall not Maintain a DB

#4 The UAL CARP theft Grievance Review

UAL Techs Fight IBT over CARP Benefits

Part #1 The IBT Theft of UAL CARP Benefits (Flier)

Part #2 IBT theft of Our UAL CARP Benefits (flier)

Part #3 The Company shall not Maintain (flier)

Part #4 The CARP Pension theft Grievance (flier)

CARP Summary Plan Description

2016 IBT T/A UAL CARP Calculator with inflated numbers to Pass Teamsters T/A

2016 IBT T/A CARP Calculator Explained

LOA 05-03M Bankruptcy Exit Agreement

UAL 2005-2009 AMFA Bankruptcy Contract

ALTA Organizing Committees fliers and videos

Working Together Our United Local Financial Strength

Compare Accounting Firms ALTA vs Teamsters

Teamsters Driving Concessions at American Airlines

Teamsters force bad contract on 200,000 UPS workers

IBT 200k Club endorsed concessions at United

UAL CAL IBT Cross Utilization LOA fail

United Technicians Sick Leave Rights

Airlines Outsourcing Maintenance

Lee Seham-McCaskill Outsourcing Bill

UAL Technicians CARP Grievance Facts

Four Teamsters Lies to kill CARP Grievance

United Techs help Defeat Teamsters

Professional Union Representation

Southwest Airlines Decline in Safety

AIR 21 Whistle Blower Protections

UAL Technicians vs Teamsters

IBT SFO 856 Benefits Theft

Your RIghts To Organize


Thank you from Captain Sully Sullenberger

IBT Driving AMR Concessions

ALTA Techs fight for MCO Rights

ALTA the Airline MEC Model

ALTA Campaign Update

McCaskill Aircraft Outsourcing Bill

Cross Utilization IBT LOA fail

ALTA Techs fight for MCO Rights

A&P Technician Shortage Looms

SFO ALTA Paid Contract Reps

SSMP Letter on UAL Organizing Rights

ALTA Solidarity Across the United System


SFOLX Technicians support ALTA

SFOOV Overhaul Techs Support ALTA

Chicago is on board

ALTA takes a new lead in Houston IAH

Solidarity for ALTA in LAX

MCO Technicians over 50%

Denver Local AMTs support ALTA 75%


AMR TWU IAM Meet to finalize language 2020-2-7

AMR TWU IAM Wage Schedule 2020-2-7

TWU IAM Early Out not part of AIP 2020-2-4

American TWU IAM AIP Update 2020-1-30

ALTA Our Union Structure 

SFO ALTA Paid Contract Reps

The Airline MEC

ALTA Paid Shop Stewards

Professional Legal Counsel

ALTA Organizing Committees for the Technicians of United Airlines



ALTA - An Introduction

ALTA - Professional Legal Representation

How will ALTA Representation be different?

ALTA - A Union of Professionals

ALTA - Building a Union for Our Junior Technicians

ALTA - Local Dues

ALTA - The Right Decision

Organizing Rights Under the RLA











The Truth about the Teamsters at United Airlines



2018 Technician Profit Sharing 2.7%

Teamsters Driving Concessions at American Airlines

Teamsters Attendance Policy History

Profit Sharing Loss - Thanks Teamsters

Paying More for Less at United

Teamsters Concessions The 8 Year Pay Progression

Teamsters Negotiators and 'economist" bet against United and Lose

Teamsters force bad contract on 200,000 UPS workers

IBT UAL Attendance Policy LOA

Teamsters Outsource Our Work to Vendors on the Property

What Do You Pay in Dues to the Teamsters

Teamsters 6 years of failure at the new United

IBT UAL Industry Reset or 1% Raise?

IBT SFO 856 Benefits Theft

IBT Average Concessionary Comparison T/A

Cross Utilization IBT LOA fail

IBT 200k Club endorsed concessions at United

Teamsters 6 years of failure at the new United

United Techs help defeat the IBT at AFL-CIO carriers

United Techs help Defeat Teamsters at US Airways and AMR

United Technicians CARP Grievance Review

Teamsters give concessions in a time of record profits

Teamsters outsourcing our future at United Airlines

Our United Locals