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2016-2022 United IBT Technicians CBA

2010 Continental CBA

CAL Mechanics CBA 2005-2008

CAL Mechanics CBA 2002-2008

CAL Mechanics Non union 1997


2012 United Airlines CBA

UAL Mechanics CBA 2005-2009

UAL Mechanics CBA 2003-2009

UAL Mechanics CBA 2000-2005

United Mechanics CBA 1994-2000

United Mechanic Skill Pay 1991-1994

United Mechanics CBA 1989-1994

United Mechanics CBA 1986-1989

United Mechanics CBA 1983-1986

United Mechanics CBA 1978-1981

United Mechanic CBA 1975-78

United Mechanics CBA 1973-1975

United Mechanics CBA 1972-1973

UAL Mechanics CBA 1969-1971


CAL CARP Calculator

UAL CARP Calculator

CARP Calculator for CAL fields Explained

CARP Calculator for UAL fields Explained


    Teamsters Letters of Agreement Not Voted on by the Membership at United Airlines

Teamsters 2020 RIF Grievance Denial LOA

Teamsters Attendance Policy LOA

IBT Failed Resource Utilization Agreement

Teamsters 2017 UAL Attendance Policy


    Teamsters Lost Arbitrations

UAL Technicians Teamsters CARP Denial Opinion Ltr

IBT Resource Utilization Arbitration Loss

UAL 20% OSV Arbitration Loss


    United ALPA Profit Sharing Arbitration

4-30-2019 United Flight Attendants AFA Profit Sharing Lawsuit

ALPA Profit Sharing Grievance 5-22-2012

ALPA Profit Sharing Arbitration Award 9-6-16

NMB Rep Manual

The LMRDA Act 1959

Its an American Right

Railway Labor Act

LMRDA Your Rights Flier

Organizing - Know Your Rights

LMRDA Rights

UAL Organizing guidelines

The Railway Labor Act - Overview

The RLA Simplified

ALTA Union Structure

Your Rights to Organize