Common FAQs from Technicians

The Air Line Technicians Association a union built by our technicians for the Mechanics Class and Craft. Our goal is to become the first AFL-CIO Craft Union like ALPA for the Mechanics Class and Craft.
Page 3 of our Constitution; Objectives (1) To provide representation for all members of the airline/aerospace technicians profession and related trades; to promote the interests of those professions in all its aspects; and to safeguard the rights, individually and collectively, of its members. (2) To safeguard, with ceaseless vigilance, the safety of scheduled/non‐scheduled air transportation in recognition of the high degree of public trust, confidence, and responsibility placed on the members. (3) To advance and promote the professional image of the airline/aerospace technician and related trades in the business and educational communities, and with the public at large
Not at this time, we are a volunteer group of organizing committees across the United system who have come together to build a new craft union for our Class and Craft. When we are certified after the election per the LMRDA we must file an LM-1 form. The initial Form LM-1 is due within 90 days after the union is established and first becomes subject to the LMRDA or CSRA. Form LM-1 requires each covered union to provide information such as • identification of the union • identification of the officers • rates of dues and fees • fiscal year ending date United Technicians have already been through this process before and have the experience and ability to do it again at United Airlines.
The funding for our organizing campaign comes directly from Technicians who are fed up with Teamsters representation. The Teamsters have represented the CAL Techs since 1997, and the UAL Techs since 2008. Their poor representation on the floor and in negotiations has led to this point.
Many Continental Technicians are fed up with Teamster representation and are ready to leave the Teamsters. They already have a jump on card collection in EWR and IAH their two largest bases. These Technicians are proactive and willing to do the work it takes to build their own Class and Craft union like the pilots. The Continental and United Technicians came together last year to form organizing committees to change union representation.
Continental and United Techs started talking about organizing a new union after the first failed T/A in 2016. We felt the best way forward was to build a union that was similar to other successful craft unions like ALPA. We have organizing committees and organizers who have volunteered at our hub stations in SFO LAX DEN IAH ORD EWR MCO HNL and IAD.
To change our representation from the teamsters, we need to collect election authorization cards from more than 50% of the union members in the Mechanics Class and Craft. Our goal will be 60% to ensure we have enough valid signatures to trigger an election. Each authorization card must be clearly and legibly filled out, signed and dated by the Technician.
Yes they have every right to sign a card. Page 12 of the NMB Representation Manual states: 9.206 Probationary Employees Probationary employees in the craft or class in probationary status are eligible. Our probationary Technicians have been forced into an eight-year pay progression by the teamsters. If they want to improve their profession and future and be part of a union that will recognize their skills they need to sign an election authorization card.
The NMB will do a validation of the cards and then hold an election. The process can be complete in less than 2 months. ( A shorter period of time to vote than in both Teamster UAL concessionary T/As )
Dues are two times the hourly rate. From the ALTA Constitution page 42 B. (1) DUES RATE (ACTIVE MEMBERS). The dues rate for Active members shall be 2 times member’s airline hourly rate.
When we go into negotiations the Local Executive Council from each local shall decide on which legal representation and negotiating professionals we will hire to negotiate your contract in an open forum. United Technicians held open negotiations in 2004-2005 during the second round of bankrupty negotiations.
Yes during the transition process after we win representation, members of the local organizing committees will serve as interim officers and representatives, until we hold elections for all positions. Our contract remains in full force and effect regardless of representation. Our contract is an agreement with the Technician membership and the company.