2016 to 2021 The Industry Reset is not Working Wage Disparity Increases on Average

6% in 2016  to 22% in 2021


2016 American Averages $1.70 Across All Pay Scales

2016 to 2021 UA to AA Wage Disparity Increases

2021 American Averages $8.20 Across All Pay Scales

 March 2021 Base Wage Increases at

American Airlines

American March 2021 Raise a $16 difference

AMR vs UAL Wage Gaps Increase in March of 2021

March 2021 Now A $153,000.00 Difference in Pay

2021 American Techs Avg. $8.20 more per hour than United Teamsters Techs

December 2020 Teamsters Industry Reset Leave United Technicians up to 

$15 dollars behind American Technicians

Ask Your Teamsters Negotiators What went Wrong?

Teamsters UAL Wage Gap up to 39% behind American Airlines

A $138,000.00 Difference in Pay

2020 American Techs Avg. $7.43 more than United Teamsters Techs

2018 Teamsters Industry Reset - A Fraud against every United Technician and their families

Challenge the 2020 Reset

2018 Reset Court Case-Initial-Disclosures-request

United Technician challenges IBT 2018 Industry Reset in Federal Court

Teamsters Industry Reset Fails Again 2020 American Airlines Technicians Average $7.43 over IBT United Technicians

Teamsters Lower United Base Rate to the bottom of Industry

Southwest Techs Average $8 an hour over United

Alaska Jr Technicians $5 over United Jr Techs

Delta Junior Technicians earn $60,000 more than UAL IBT Jr Techs

American Base Hourly Rate Higher than IBT United Techs

United Technicians Challenge the Industry Reset

360% Increase in 2018 UA Non-Pay Elements?

2018 No Reset? Why did CARP costs Increase?

Teamsters Caught Rigging Union Healthcare Bids

2018 AA/DL Pay and Profit Sharing Why No Reset?

2018 Delta Pay and Profit Sharing Compared to United

Teamsters "industry reset" fails to deliver...only .41 cent raise

Teamsters 'economist" bet against United Airlines and Lose

2018 Technician Profit Sharing 2.7%

Profit Sharing Loss - Thanks Teamsters

IBT UAL Industry Reset or 1% Raise?

IBT United Technician Wage Increases fall behind


The Truth about the Teamsters at United Airlines



Teamsters Negotiators and 'economist" bet against United and Lose

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Paying More for Less at United

Teamsters Concessions The 8 Year Pay Progression

United Techs help defeat the IBT at AFL-CIO carriers

United Techs help Defeat Teamsters at US Airways and AMR

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Teamsters give concessions in a time of record profits

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