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SFOOV Testimonials

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Dave Oneill SFOOT

Dave Oneill SFOOT Avionics Technician 34 years United – CARP Benefits the Teamsters failed to enforce the LOA that provided CARP Benefits at the merger date. The Company offered all United Technicians CARP on December 9, 2010 and the Teamsters never told the membership about the offer for over 6 years. The IBT 6 year delay cost us from $800 - $1200 in monthly CARP Benefits.  Go to the UAL CARP Calculator in Your Benefits and add 6 years of CARP Service and compare…that’s what you lost every month.

Ricky Wong SFOOT

Ricky Wong SFOOT A&P Technician 34 years UnitedCraft Unionism we deserve a Union like the pilots have with ALPA. A union to provide professional representation and promote our skills and our chosen Profession as Certified Airmen. We hold more responsibility in our hands every day than most people can imagine. When we sign our name we certify the aircraft is airworthy and safe. We deserve professional representation like the Pilots with ALPA, for the millions we pay in dues.

Gary Chaffee Scheduled Special Route

Gary Chaffee - SSR Scheduled Special Route Technician 2 year United Tech - 8 Year Pay Scale. They lied to us twice during both IBT negotiations saying “our Wage progression would not go up under the new contracts”. Both times they were wrong and we now have an 8 year pay progression thanks to the Teamsters. This shows they don’t care about our Technicians or our Profession. I don’t want a 10 year pay progression in 2022.

Jeff Brown Scheduled Special Route

Jeff Brown - SSR Scheduled Special Route Lead Technician 30 years United – Open negotiations with elected negotiators backed by Professional Legal Counsel. All LOAs will be voted on. The failed IBT Cross Utilization LOA is an example of secret negotiations. American & US Airways received $11.31 for their Cross Utilization LOA. The Teamsters didn’t get a dime for United and Continental Technicians with their poorly written Cross Utilization LOA. I didn’t vote for them, I knew better.

Jim Seitz SFOOT

Jim Seitz – SFOOT Ramp Technician 29 years United – Outsourcing of our work. We used to have 3 protected Lines of Work in SFOOV. The 777 C-Check Line, 757 C Check Line and the A320 C Check Line. This was language we secured in Bankruptcy. The IBT eliminated this language and our 20% farm-out protection. They never even conducted a single outsourcing audit like they promised.  The Teamsters sent our aircraft work overseas.

The Truth about the Teamsters in SFO

They divided our membership for their own greed and political power taking away the rights and voices of over 1300 Technicians.

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