ALTA - Air Line Technicians Association

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ALTA Organizing Committees for the Technicians of United Airlines

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ALTA - An Introduction

ALTA - Local Dues

Organizing Rights Under the RLA

ALTA - The Right Decision

ALTA - Professional Legal Representation

ALTA - A Union of Professionals

How will ALTA Representation be different?

The Truth about the Teamsters at United Airlines

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Teamsters Outsource Our Work to Vendors on the Property

Teamsters Concessions The 8 Year Pay Progression

What Do You Pay in Dues to the Teamsters

Paying More for Less at United

IBT UAL Attendance Policy LOA

Teamsters Attendance Policy History

Teamsters 6 years of failure at the new United

Teamsters deny subUAL Mechanics CARP Benefits for 6 years

Grievance Case and Facts

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UAL Technicians Rebuttal of IBT Pension Arbitration Denial

The Teamsters Theft of UAL CARP Benefits Part 1 (Flier)

The Teamsters Theft of UAL CARP Benefits 8 page brief

UAL Techs Fight Teamsters union over UAL CARP Arbitration

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Part #2 Teamsters theft of UAL CARP Benefits brief

How Much did you lose in Monthly CARP Benefits

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